First UU Church Name Tag Requests

Dear Members, Friends and Visitors:

Please note that as you complete this form and press Submit (seen at the bottom of this form below), you will see a new screen where you will then be asked to confirm you are indeed making this request (a person is requesting it, not a computer/robot). On that new screen, there will be a button that reads "Subscribe" please note that you are not subscribing to anything, it is just the button available to send your confirmation. (We apologize if this is confusing).

Please note that in one of the fields below, you are asked to select the logo you would prefer for your new name tag. Below are the logos and other options available. You are also welcome to submit your own image to (select "other" in this form).

No. 9 below is for Green Revolution. If you are part of another FirstUU Church group, and you have your own logo, please feel free to send it to us for inclusion on this list.

Please let us know if you need help, have any questions and/or concerns by sending an email to or call our office at 713-526-5200.

Thank you!
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